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    I am looking for a Pre2 to Franken/Sprintify, so carrier doesn't matter.

    The thread title says preferably new. Actually, I could deal with a scratch on the back, but I want an absolutely perfect screen. I always apply a screen protector at the time of unboxing, before putting the phone in case or pocket. Not even a speck of dust ever touches the screen. That's what I'm looking for. I hope someone out there has one to sell.

    Thanks for reading.
    - Bubba
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    I just ordered one from ebay. You can find a NIB pre 2 for 100-150. Good luck! Can't wait til I get mine in the mail.
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    Thank you. On my way there now.
    - Bubba
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    I might have a spare--will know next week.
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    I have one for 160. PM if interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9520G View Post
    I have one for 160. PM if interested.
    PM sent. Thanks.
    - Bubba
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    I've got one I'd sell as well. Its currently frankenpre'd to Sprint right now (obviously still needs comm board swap from an activated Pre for you to use it). I purchased it off Ebay a few months ago for $225. The gorilla glass screen seems to still be flawless (just polished a bit with the microfiber cloth that came with my Touchpad). The back is in great shape with one area with a small crease, but backs are just a few dollars and I may even have a few laying around. Phone works perfectly, battery life is impressively good compared to my original Pre's and Pixi's. Its been the best phone I've ever used, by far. This was originally for Verizon, btw.

    I've got two Touchstone's with Palm chargers/cables that can go along with it, as well as some old Pre parts and batteries. Also have the original packaging for both this Pre 2 and my Pre, I think.

    All for sale. :-P if you or anyone else is interested..

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