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    Hey morrison0880 I got your PM and replied back to you. Just let me know what's next?
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    For those in the Bay Area you can come to the local webOS users group meeting and there'll surely be someone there do perform a frankenpre'in for you, fyi!
    palm lineage: VzPre+ to Pre2 to Pre3, now using a AT&T Pre3 on wifi and Panda Touchpad.
    DU unlock codes available (Veers, Pres, etc, Oh my!)
    Has Pre3s & tpFauxG for sale!
    (Sales prices always less than ebay)
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    This was my first transaction via the forum. Since I made such an impulse decision, I started getting worried about not having a phone for a week (Bay Area, 7 days turnaround via USPS Priority) or any guarantee on receiving what I paid for. Morrison0880 was quick to respond to my questions, and I received everything as promised. I was so excited when my package arrived in the mail today, and I've already recommended him to another friend that's hanging onto a launch day Pre-. Thank you SO much for the brand new Pre 2 & FrankenPre service!
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    Quote Originally Posted by morrison0880 View Post
    I still have one Pre 2 available. PM me if interested.
    hey I'm interested in buying one of the pre 2 phones & service, my poor launch day pre- Is dying faster than a iphone 4 battery lol I'm ready to go asap thanks 4 all the help and please list all the details on payment arr. Also time frame from start to finish to back in my hands...
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    Here's a big thanks to morrison0808 for walking me through the metadoctor part of the frankenpre process. After I dropped and shattered the glass on the frankenpre he did for me just a month or so ago, I bought a new gsm pre 2 on ebay. I decided to do this one myself. The comm board swap went smoothly but I got a little hung up doing the metadoctor. I emailed morrison0808 for advice and he graciously assisted. 10 out of 10 for morrison0808's conversion service.
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    I also recommend morrison0808 without hesitation! Quick and responsive to my questions, and seemed genuinely interested in my satisfaction.

    The Pre2 is great! I was at first disappointed that some of my favorite tools and patches weren't available in 2.x, but I've since discovered that they're there, named something else. I was really missing QST, then discovered the Device Menu patches that are just as good.

    Thanks, Rory!
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    Just to let you all know, morrison0880 is a great friend to have. I just got my Frankenpre up and running, thanks to his insight!

    Folks, don't be afraid to work with this guy. It's good to have someone like him on the boards.
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    Hi, Morrison!

    I'm still trying to buy a GSM Commboard... have you some one there?

    Best Regards...
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    I understood in another forum that "metadoctor" was not needed to do a Frankenpre conversion from a verizon palm pre 2 for the Sprint Pre-??? is that wrong or am I missing something.I want to get this process done myself and if it does require metadoctor I would send it to morrison immidiately as i dont want to take the risk of effin things up since my phone is on its last leg hehe
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    From what I can remember, the Verizon doctor will work with the sprint board. But I could be wrong.
    I would do the Metadoctor anyway, since it does have sprint source built into it.
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    I just received my Franken pre 2 back from Morrison0880. He did a great job and a quick turn around. Anyone who has a sprint pre - should take this next step. What a difference!
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    If anyone is interested in this yet, I have a used Pre2 in almost perfect shape that I'm ready to part with. Or if you just want the conversion done, I can help with that as well. Send me a PM if interested.
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    Sent PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by morrison0880 View Post
    I have 1 Pre2 left. Also, I'm still doing the FrankenPre service to those who are interested. PM me if you are interested.

    I am also offering my services to do the FrankenPre conversion for Sprint Pre users. I'm am currently doing this for 3 other members, and have done it for others in the past. A member suggested that I post this in the marketplace, so...
    $35 for the conversion. If you want, I can install Nav as well, although that requires access to your Palm profile, which some have been, understandably, hesitant about. The only reason I need it is to activate the phone to install the ipk. If you want one of the above phones, and want me to convert it for you, I will do it for $35. The only thing I will need is an activated Sprint Pre, as you can't activate the phone after the conversion is complete.

    PM me if interested. Thanks!
    Are you still offering Frankenpre 2 services? I have a daily use Sprint Pre and an unlocked Verizon Pre 2 that I would like to convert to a Sprint Frankenpre2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WSM1 View Post
    Are you still offering Frankenpre 2 services? I have a daily use Sprint Pre and an unlocked Verizon Pre 2 that I would like to convert to a Sprint Frankenpre2.
    You bet! About one per week. Good to see webOS is still kicking. You will honestly be amazed at the difference going from the pre to a frankenpre2. PM me and I will give you all the info you need tomorrow. Packer game is starting, so i gotta run!
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    Sent you a PM for your services.
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