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    Unlimited data on my TouchPad is great, providing I have a working Palm Pre-. I'm looking for a spare, I've checked eBay, and I'm not paying $300+ for one. I think I need an AT&T version for it to be compatible. If you have one, that works, clean ESN, yadayada....not too beat up, I'm interested.
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    so what do you need? Palm Pre or TouchPad?
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    hi sledge...

    your post is a little confusing. It sounds like you need a replacement for your cdma pre on bell with your unlimited data plan. I also have the unlimited plan on bell. Couple things you can do:

    1. Factory direct has refurb cdma pres for 99 dollars.

    2. ATT doesn't use cdma, they are gsm. What I did was get a bell sim card for their gsm network and picked up an unlocked pre 2. I activated the sim card first on bells website then plugged it into my phone. By activating the sim, you are basically changing devices and can keep your current plan.

    let me know if you have any questions.
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    Sorry for being 'misleading' although the title is exactly what I'm after

    I actually called Assurion today, and they did try to offer me an LG Optimus, to which I said I would rather deal with my non-working volume buttons. They then told me if I was willing to wait up to 10 business days, they could find one on back order, to which I agreed.

    Thanks for that link mdram, I was wondering where somebody could still buy a Pre- from. I probably will get another on top of my replacement. I was looking around kijiji.vs and most people were not willing to budge on $100 for used Pres & some (laughably) wanted close to $300 for a Pre-

    The thing is, I do not have an unlimited plan, I have 1GB/month....but because I'm using the Pre-, CDMA, I might as well have unlimited plan. Their CDMA data recording is screwed up. According to them from 15 July-15 August ... I used 40GB data. From 15 Aug- today 8th Sep... I've used 23GB

    Considering I'm using freeTether 5 nights/week, averaging 9-11 hours/night, there's no way I'm using that little amount of data. If I switch to a GSM/HSPA phone, I will lose that luxury. Having gotten into that habit I would hate to see my bill with my current usage pattern

    I bought my TouchPad on 15 July as well, and also downloaded RedVolumeRecords app which is 300~GB on freeTether, so it is absolutely messed up in my favor

    Got the info I needed, much obliged!
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