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    Can meet in London.

    Alternatively I could offer a 16gb Touchpad and a Palm Pre- (rough condition locked to o2 , though it should be easy to unlock, and with slight crack at power cable entrance but in good working condition)
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    Would you consider sell the 16G TP to someone in London

    I had a pre3, but might have just sold it, unless the person buying does not want it anymore. Beside, I do not need a 64G...
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    So how much you ask for Pre 3 if someone want to buy instead trade? 64GB touchpad can be said very rare.

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    I guess 340GBP cash for the Pre3, so I can get a 64gb HP touchpad
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    Not sure I could do it but if possible how about a trade to USA. I don't have the panda but believe I can get one. I have not shipped internationally before but is there a way to avoid any taxes/duties on both ends?
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    You can't really avoid taxes unless you get a friend to physically carry the item over.

    I think the import duty free limit for bringing stuff into the UK is something like 390 per person per trip, so the firesale touchpad falls under this value

    I don't know what your taxes would be, but I would be paying 20% tax on the import when it arrives.

    So obviously would prefer to do a deal with a UK person, but if nothing comes up in the next 2 weeks I might consider a trade for a USA 64gb touchpad for UK Pre3 plus the shipping costs and taxes.

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