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    Yup, I got one of those Pre3s for sale, you know the deal. I'm looking for 340 shipped to pretty much anywhere (North America/Europe/Australia).

    Ok, for those who will say "Oh it's only costing you x amount" True, the contract is 252, I've then got to factor in paypal costs and shipping costs as it'll be going via DHL n should be with you quickly and safely (yes I could ship it cheaper but I'd kinda like it to get to you without any issues).

    Cash via paypal is much prefered as I have to buy out the contract. Pic shows it in its unopened box (weird as the pic was taken with a Pre3)
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    Most of which is taken up with shipping. Then paypal taking their slice for getting the money to me etc etc If I can find a secure way of shipping it thats cheaper then I can bring the cost down. At the moment, that's the cost of shipping it to Oz and it'll get there, so they say, within 5 working days. Live elsewhere? Let me know and I can adjust before payment is sent etc
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    I think that's a fair price, there are people asking a lot more
    at the moment I can't buy it, but I would definitely do it if I could
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    I would like to buy it. How do I proceed with the transaction?
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    any additional cost for US customs?
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    Is this phone still for sale? I am interested if it is.

    Thank you,

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    I'm interested in this as well (going to PM you too). I also have a 32 GB unopened untouched TouchPad for trade (+cash of course) if you are interested. Either all cash or TP+cash would work for me.

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