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    Ok I have been a webOS user since Day-1. I remember standing in line and getting the last Sprint Pre they had. I skipped class to watch 4 live blogs of the think beyond event in February. I also was there day1 the Touchpad came out, and bought the first one at Best Buy. I love webOS. I have defending it since day 1. When I worked at best buy a was named the "Apple ****" Which I am not, but you get the point. But anyway I really would love a Pre 3. Since there is uncertainty whether the Veer or pre 2 will get webOS 2.2 I really want a Pre 3!

    So with that I have put together a trade offer. I know there might be some weird or off the wall items on the list, but this is because I lost job my working for Hp selling Touchpads in Best Buy. So this is just everything I have of value. I will also pay for shipping and something extra for your time and consideration.

    1. New 32 GB Touchpad Unopened
    2. Gently used Touchpad case
    3. New Touchpad screen protector
    4. Gently used Ipad case
    5. New Ipad screen protector
    6. New Ipad cable
    7. Collection of old Pokémon cards. (Super rare, Rare, Common, and first editions)
    8. Gently used netbook bag
    9. Sims 3 computer game
    10. Signed Bottle of Conjure Cognac signed by Ludacris (Platinum Selling Rapper) Ludacris - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    11. A nice bottle of wine. Saracco Moscato D’ASTI ( I am no wine expert, but I like it )
    12. Working Super Nintendo with two controllers and games.
    13. Two years of CA Anti Virus never used.
    14. About 10 WebOS ink pens. ( Extra webOS swag I never used)
    15. About 10 WebOS shirt pens as well
    16. And pick any items from my website 910apparel / Home yours free!
    17. I also have a bottle of Everclear. I know it is not sold in the UK, so I guess that might have some value.
    I can take pictures of all the items if necessary. Please don't laugh at my post. I just really want a Pre 3
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    Sorry, I did laugh, tis an epic offer tho
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    Haha I had to laugh as well....I sincerely hope you get one though!

    Free bump for you from another "in line at 5am for the pre" webOS fan.
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    'Epic' is the perfect word. You had me laughing out loud at Pokémon cards! Best trade offer ever on P|C.
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    this is an awesome thread
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    would you be able to pay cash on top of the tp?
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    Quote Originally Posted by i3 View Post
    would you be able to pay cash on top of the tp?
    Yes of course.
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    ok...let me see...i will pm you as little later///
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    Do you ship to Australia ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    So did you get a Pre 3 in the end.
    I can get you one for half the memorabilia in your OP
    No I haven't. Pm'd
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    Still don't have a Pre 3...
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    Money is the best thing you can trade, I've managed to get another Pre 3 for $433 shipped. I sold my first one on here for $619 (along with three extra touchstone chargers)

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