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    I posted about this in the sell me a touchpad thread but thought I'd go ahead and make a post.

    It appears my family members don't appreciate the Touchpad the way all good webOS lovers should... After just a couple days of use (In reality the usage could be measured in just a few hours - it was set up, explored for a short while and I think Angry Birds was played for most of time beyond that), it's gone back to sitting unused in my library. I've just put everything back in the original box, as new. It is in perfect condition with absolutely no signs of use, wear, or damage. It will come to you, reset and waiting for you to create/enter your Profile

    So, it's still essentially brand new and needs a good home. For anyone who might want it, drop me a PM with an offer!


    ETA: It seems the family is defecting. :-( Now that my mother found out I'm selling a Touchpad, she called this morning and asked me to sell hers as well. Seems she'd rather have an iPad afterall.
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    i have to go to bed but let me think about over night i'll respond first thing 6:30 am Arizona time.. btw where abouts are you
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    I'm in Ohio. If you want a more specific location, feel free to PM me! Thanks! :-)
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    Did you sell both of them?

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