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    Im looking to sell my Treo 180 bought this past summer. Its served me well while i had it, now i just want to upgrade to a 270, and just need the cash from selling this to get it

    The Treo 180 has the normal wear you would get from a cell phone (the back is scratched a tiny bit, but not a problem). The screen is perfect! Since i installed the Jog rocker program for my Treo, ive used the stylus ATLEAST 50 percent less then i used to.
    Everything else about the Treo 180 is in perfect condition. All the keys on the keyboard work, along with the application buttons. I've upgraded this phone to GPRS 1.1 so its all set to go. The GPRS patch works unbelieveably well (no errors or whatnot)
    I will upload a picture tonight! It also comes with the charger and sync cable that origionally came with it.

    Also included is a Soft Sport case by Handspring which helps protect the Treo and a belt clip made by Handspring. Both are in great condition (normal wear on the belt clip). These both have been a life saver when i needed to store my Treo somewhere other than a pant pocket.

    I also have the origional main box, and the smaller boxes that contained the Treo, charger and ear piece.

    Any questions email me at .

    Im looking for around $250 USD. This is negotiable. Paypal preferred. Shipping will be calculated accordingly when i recieve your zip code.

    Thanks a bunch!
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    This phone obviously comes with the stylus too. I have all the books and packets that came with it initially. The phone is unlocked and i used it on the TMOBILE network. Picture is attached.

    -I will include brainwash screen cleaners too. The origional plastic clear strip has been on the front of the treo since day 1, which means the Treo's plastic window has been untouched by me! Clear as anything once you take the screen protector off it.

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    ack...let me try with the picture again

    The picture doesnt want to work i guess. I will try to upload it to my webspace, and link.

    I forgot, the Palm OS TREO software cd comes too.
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    Do you still have this Treo? I emailed you, but thought I'd post here as well in case you missed it.

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