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    Aileron has not worked for over four weeks now. I have asked them either to make the program work or give me my money back. They have done neither. I told them they may have my 50 dollars but I will get my pound of flesh! Please get use to seeing my post on this topic When we pay for programs or services it is our right to receive what we pay for or get our money back. Please help me by putting companies that operate as corsoft does out of business. If we do this to just a few of them, we will get products that work. BOYCOTT CORSOFT AILERON!!!!!!
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    shakespear reference++!

    sucks though. you should contack about the link on their page...

    I have a webcomic. You should read it, or I may do something rash. <b><a href=>Drive-by Loitering</a></b> is updated every monday, wednesday and friday.

    <!img src= alt="Soundsgood is too elite for the punks."><img src= ><!img src= alt="Soundsgood is too elite for the punks.">
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    garyt01 - I am the president of Corsoft and I hear your concerns. As per my collection of details, it seems like you are using Treo 300 device that operates on Sprint PCS Vision network. The network seems to intiate packet exchange which disrupts active aileron connection. We are working on it and expect to resolve it soon.

    We offer refunds to new subscribers who request for it. We also extend service duration for the down time for all affected users. We appreciate your zest for better services and software and commend you on your quest. However, new devices and networks will continue to evolve and most solutions get affected when operated on a new device and/or network.

    I support you on your quest for better services and I promise you the following:

    1. Refund your $50
    2. Invitation to try Aileron again AFTER we have confirmed operation for Treo 300 on the Sprint PCS Vision network.

    Would you consider that a fair play? Thank you.
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    What more can you ask?
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    Thank you for your response. Yes I do believe you are being fair now. However if you check my last few emails to your support people you can see I have requested my a resolution or money back twice by email and once over the telephone. I ask you - WHY DO I HAVE TO BRING THIS UP IN A PUBLIC DISCUSSION BOARD TO GET A FAIR RESOLUTION?
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    Our team did not "understand" your request for refund. Though I am not quite convinced with this "excuse" myself, it may have something to do with the fact that we are desperately trying to resolve this problem that seems to be bit tricky and inconsistent.

    Several presumptions were made without clear communication. We (my team) presumed that you would go back to the reseller where you purchased the service if you wanted the refund and were only checking with us to determine the status of the bug. We have no way to credit you as the service was purchased through a reseller but we can work with our reseller to get you the credit due to you after you request for refund to our reseller. I understand that this is an extra step but we need to respect our resellers' business.

    I apologize on behalf of my team for making presumptions that has lead us to this state. I agree - we need to be more clear in our communication to avoid such discussions on a public board.

    In any event, I assure you this problem will get resolved quickly. We will credit service time for all users that may be affected by this problem. And I hope you will try us again after the problem has been resolved. Thank you.
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    I sure wish Handspring had been this responsive. Good job!
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    Yeah.. I have to say as a mod/writer/TC staff person - thanks to Corsoft for doing such a great job on the boards in this situation. Its really really good to see issuses resolved without things getting ugly. If only all companies were this responsive and aware...
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Are you suggesting that the president of Handspring come on the boards to answer people's gripes? What would be the point of having customer service agents, supervisors etc?

    Things like this is a feasible for small outfits...not for medium and large companies like Handspring and Palm.

    Originally posted by MIKE STH
    I sure wish Handspring had been this responsive. Good job!
    My life is in my Treo... Where is yours?
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    Have been using Aileron successfully with Treo 300.

    By the way, Handspring Customer Support is awful. Treo Mail documentation is not particularly clear that you have to purchase additional s/w to be able to process attachments. Beware of Treo Mail!! Using Documents to Go with Aileron. It works pretty well.

    Take care.
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    Its nice to see that the man posted here to help his customer that was getting no place with his staff. Maybe Handspring could learn a bit from this board and improve customer service.

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