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    I have moved on from my beloved Palm Pre Plus and am selling everything I own.

    At&t Palm Pre Plus with Original Box and Accessories + Touchstone + Carrying Case Bag- Clean ESN- $105 DLVD

    Phone Condition: 6.5

    The volume button fell off- so there is a gap on the side where the buttons would normally be- only way to change volume is in the OS

    Some scuff marks on side of phone, small nick on lower corner of phone and upper corner- Backpanel looks new- power connector cover is still intact-

    Included is Pouch, headphones, retail box packaging documentation etc

    Phone functions perfect otherwise- Able to run 1.1 Ghz OC kernel stable 100%

    Seidio Extended Battery- $20

    Battery works like a champ and holds a charge for near a whole day even while OC'd. I have the modified covered made by the member here on the forums that made it compatible with the touchstone however two of the tabs that hold it in place with the phone broke off thus not making a tight seal with the phone, it still holds and works perfectly on the touchstone but you'll see a gap between phone and back extended cover- I'll throw that in there with the Extended battery if anybody wants it

    Touchstones- Puck Only - $11.50 DLVD (2 Avialable)

    If anyone wants the entire package, I can make a good deal on it so Let me know. Thanks
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    Everything is open to reasonable offers......
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    $75 DLVD for he phone...would love to move this phone quickly
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    Would you be interested in sending the touchstones to Australia (paid for of course!)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lavo96 View Post
    Would you be interested in sending the touchstones to Australia (paid for of course!)?
    Message sent, I apologize for the late response, I promise I ship MUCH faster than that
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    Touchstone Pucks have been sold!

    $55 DLVD for the phone- I'll throw in the extended battery and cover for $60 DLVD

    Though the phone is not physically top notch, it runs like a champ and work horse
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