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    Do you want a firesale Touchpad but couldn't find one? Are you in a country where the Touchpad is not for sale? Than this is the thread for you. Do you have extra Touchpads and want to help WebOS fans get one? This thread is for you too.

    This thread will connect buyers who want a firesale-priced Touchpad with sellers who bought extras. Please follow these guidelines:

    - Post here with your country/state, the size and quantity of Touchpad, and Touchpad accessories that you want.
    - Only post once.
    - Don't post your e-mail address. Sellers will contact you via PM.
    - When you have bought a Touchpad, delete your post or edit it to indicate. Otherwise, you'll get tons of PMs from sellers.
    - Your purchase is not protected. To avoid being scammed, consider buying from sellers who have many forum posts or Thanks.
    - Some sellers bought extra Touchpads online, so won't have them in their hands until 8/26/11 or so. Consider that when sellers make you an offer.
    - You're more likely to find a seller if you edit your post every few days saying you're still interested as of the current date.

    - Don't post to this thread.
    - Contact buyers listed in this thread via PM if you have the size TP they want.
    - PLEASE don't charge buyers too much. Charge them for the tax and shipping you paid, and a little extra for your time.
    - Don't scam buyers. WebOS fans are a community and the buyers would appreciate your help.
    - Consider shipping internationally to help the buyers who never had a chance to get a TP.

    I wish I had extras to sell to people who couldn't get one. If you feel the same way, then help out some WebOS fans by selling them a firesale-priced Touchpad. Thanks.
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    Can I get 1 Touchpad 16GB? If someone has an extra one they just bought.

    My location is in Brooklyn, NY.

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    I'd like a 32GB one please if anybody has one. I'm in Australia.
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    Nevermind. Just bought them from B&N.
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    i would like 1 16 gb por favor

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    Looking for one 16 or 32. Thanks!

    <mod edit to remove email address>

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    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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    would love a 32GB...would pay shipping and a little more as a convenience fee
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    Looking for one 16GB Touchpad in Brooklyn. PM me and I can pick up anywhere in the vicinity!

    ..I'll also take shipments from other places
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    Also interested in a 32GB or 16GB model.
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    PLEASE also include location (state + county)
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    hi, looking for a 32gb tp... switzerland here :-)

    of course I would pay for shipping and an extra $ for gettin' one...
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    I need one for tomorrow, for 99$.

    Doral, Florida.

    PM Me please.
    -Travis Antonio
    Trakyng Games

    -Motorola Atrix 4G (1.5 Ghz) (CM7 Neutrino) (Tegra Hack H^LLA POWERFUL)
    -Palm Pre Plus *DEAD*
    -Palm Pre Plus (Mom).

    Never forget to say Thanks, God bless you all.
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    Hi, just on the off chance, am interested in a 16Gb. Am in the UK and would be willing to switch dollars for pounds so would pay 100 pounds.

    Fingers crossed for a PM :-)
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    I would not mind picking one up if possible. The two sites I was able to add to my cart said they don't ship to Hawaii...

    <edit to remove email address>

    Hawaii, Island of Maui
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    UK Buyer, looking for a 16 or 32 (or even 64) GB TouchPad at reasonable prices. Willing to consider up to 3 copies. Please pm
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    i have a 16GB and a leather case arriving by Tuesday
    pm me at, or email at

    i can ship INTERNATIONAL but you must pay the extra shipping fees
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    Thought I had one from B&N, but they just canceled my order, so I'm in the market for a 16G model. I'm in Chicago.
    User of Android, Blackberry OS, WebOS and Windows Mobile (not necessarily in that order).
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    Looking for a 16GB in Connecticut (pickup or shipped).
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