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    I am in San Antonio and I am looking for 3 Touchpads... One for me and 2 for the kids for Christmas. Onsale choked so I have 3 touchstones and 3 covers on the way for nothing now. PM me if you can help.
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    I am looking for 2 touchpads please pm me if you have some for sale
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    looking for 2 16gb in San Diego. Onsale just cancelled my order
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    Anyone willing to part with a 32GB for $180 in nyc.
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    Hey everyone,

    I'm in central Ohio. Looking for a 32 GB (or 16 GB... 32 preferred) TouchPad. Any sellers out there?

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    Looking for two Touchpads, either storage size, one for my son and one for me. I live in San Jose, CA. Price negotiable. Thanks!
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    I'd like to buy one too. My Onsale and Insight orders have both been canceled.
    I'm in Upstate SC

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    i'm from spain.
    i'm looking for 16 or 32go touchpad.
    bluetooth keyboard and touchstone are welcome.
    can pay from paypal or directly by credit card.
    thanks a lot
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    For someone who has an extra NEW touchpad, I will trade a NEW unopened HP case, touchstone, and bluetooth keyboard for it. PM me if you are interested ....
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    I'm in Bucks PA I am interested in 2, one for myself and one for my son.
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    In Yuma, AZ. Looking for a single touchpad. Preferably a 16gb but may go for a 32gb if the price is right. Please help a launch day pre owner out.
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    Hello, I'm in Tucson, AZ and I'm looking to get a 32GB Touchpad. I had 2 32GB and 2 16GB I had ordered a couple days ago, was charged for them and then today received an email telling me my order was canceled. Just looking for an 32GB one if anyone's got an extra one to sell, thanks.
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    UK loyal webOS (& Palm fan since Handspring & Treo) who has suffered similar 2d of frustration trying to buy a TouchPad. Anyone selling locally please pm me directly. Cheers
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    I get the feeling posting in this thread is a waste of time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kel101 View Post
    I get the feeling posting in this thread is a waste of time.
    It can only help to post in this thread. Best Buy and are getting more stock. People may buy extras and sell them to people in this thread.

    Post a request here.
    Watch your PMs for offers from sellers.
    Be careful who you buy from.
    Enjoy your new Touchpad and accessories!
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    Still on my day 1 Pre- now all I Need is a TP
    In Northern Virginia.

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    Year long webOS fan annoyed at inability to buy a Touchpad. Living near Leek in the UK. Quite happy to pay a 10% profit on top of any touchpad offered...please!

    Pessimistic, but worth a try!
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    UK touchpad wanted, if you have a spare PM me.
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    Im just looking for one touchpad to accompany my sprint pre - . Please let me buy one so i ca continue supporting the community.
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    Bristol, TN. US. I'd like to purchase a 16 and a 32.
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