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    hi. i'm in boston. looking for either a 16 or 32GB version. maybe one of each, or two 16GB ones. local pickup only.

    please, oh please pm me

    Red to move and draw.
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    Anyone in the UK selling a 16GB Touchpad? Paypal ready as soon as I get my money back from my cancelled order.

    PM me if you have one. Not gonna eBay it or anything else, just want a nice little tablet that I can carry around and surf, watch movies on it etc.
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    I would like a 32Gb or 16Gb TouchPad and if possible another 16/32 please (for a family member, not being greedy!).

    London, UK Based

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    if anyone is selling a 16gb touchpad i have the money ready in paypal straight away
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    Quote Originally Posted by noobftw View Post
    if anyone is selling a 16gb touchpad i have the money ready in paypal straight away
    sent u pm, if interested reply me
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    I am desperately searching for a TouchPad (16 GB preferred), really want it.

    Can pay now and send a messenger to your door to pick it up and ship to me.
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    I needed a tablet as my primary note taker and notes reading. Interested to get a 16gb/32gb HP touchpad, for those who have an extra touchpad to spare from the firesale, please PM me. Thanks!
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    I need a Touchpad, will buy or trade for a new, unused, unactivated GSM Pre2

    Pm me!
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    Looking for either a 16/32GB Touchpad or a Pre3 - would be delivered to Glasgow in the UK. Can do instant Bank Transfer via RBS or Paypal. Paypal probably easier
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    interested in a 32GB or 16GB model, I am in Norway.
    Regards Steinar
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    In the UK, West Yorkshire area looking for either a 16 or 32gb Pad, for personal use as im going on holiday.

    PM me please!
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    Kansas City, need one
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    Hello. I am looking for a touchpad to someday pair with my Veer. If someone local has a 16GB or 32BG extra touchpad let me know.

    thx, -jon
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    Desperately looking for a 16 gigger, maybe one for the missuz as well. Cedar Point, Sandusky OH - will give out free icecream and a ride PM me if you have some.
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    I'm in Columbus, OH and would be interested in purchasing a Touchpad, if anyone in the area ended up with an extra. PM me. Thank you!
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    I am in the Philadelphia PA area i will meet or whatever to get either a 16 or 32 gig to purchase at most, 20 bucks above firesale price
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    I'll purchase either 16 or 32 model, I'll cover shipping, I have money to send you in PayPal asap. Thanks!
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    im in the boston area, looking for up to 3 16gb touchpads. can pick up possibly or i will pay for shipping. pm with any available.
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    Hi I'm looking for a 16 GB in Los Angeles/Pasadena, CA pickup/meetup/shipped doesnt matter to me
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    day 1 Pre still Rocking! Need 1 TP PLEASE!! Pay Pal rdy. Pm me thanks in advance! Central PA Balt frederik md area
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