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    I'm looking for either a 32GB or a 16GB, mix. need 2 pieces for myself and a sister. Can pay via paypal, and get it shipped to ohio. Pm me thanks alot
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    anyone who can send it to italy (maybe who is already in EU to not pay additional taxes? )
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    Hi Everyone,

    if you somebody have a TouchPad for sale (1-2), please let me know. I'm from Czech Republic and here was not chance to buy it officially. I have a PayPal account for smooth transaction.

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    Anyone willing to help out a German App developer? Did get touchpad nor Pre3 through the sale, i really need them for development. My Pre- is almost falling apart.

    i will pay a fair price and i can offer you free apps

    please send me a pm
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    As a day 1 Pre Minus adopter, I'd really like a Touchpad (and not to make a profit on it, or load Android).

    Please PM me.
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    Anybody in Colorado? I'm looking for up to 2 16GB TouchPads but will settle for one... Beggars can't be chooser
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    I want one, i dont care which.. pm please... i NEED ONE
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    Has anyone actually seen any success from this thread? I am in CT and would be willing to work out a local pickup deal for one. I, like so many others, abandoned my Sprint Pre after 8-9 hardware failures...

    Let me know if you have either a 16 or 32 you would be willing to sell to me.
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    After all the morning without success, I am still looking for one 16 GB TouchPad.

    I am from Spain and obviously will pay all shipping, if someone wants to sell me one
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    Hey guys!!

    looking for a 16/32gb TP for UK.

    had no luck in the 'fire sale', and I am now frustrated, and tired of looking. I've heard there might be another one, but I won't hold my breath. So, if anyone has one, give us a PM!! Cheers

    Still interested!!! Hopefully someone will have a spare!! lol
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    Looking for a 32GB (preferred) or 16GB. I had one (I thought) bought thru B&N and got the "dear john" email last night. Located in the Memphis, TN area can pick up or ship.

    Please PM.

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    Looking for either a 16 or 32 gig TouchPad. Located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Willing to meet somewhere and pay cash. If no one is from around these parts with a spare I am willing to pay and have it shipped as well. I have been looking to get one for 2 days now and have had no luck as of yet...


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    Need a 32gb (will settle for 16gb) HP TouchPad near the Dallas TX area.

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    I would like either a 16 or 32 model. And a friend would like a 32. In Toronto, Canada.

    Update Sept 8: Dreaming the impossible dream.
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    looking for 2 16 gigs California, USA
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    Looking for either model. Denver, Colorado.
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    I need 2 16gb's..

    Muskegon, MI (near Grand Rapids..)

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    Either model, Rochester, NY BN cancelled mine :-( PM me
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    If anyone can find me a 16GB TB, I'll love you forever. I ordered one on OD, then on BN, but I cancelled the OD in hoping to get the BN. Then I emailed OD to take back the cancelled, but lo and behold, BN cancelled, and now OD cancelled.

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    >500 Touchpads in stock on this site

    if you get through please buy onefor me, i can't because i'm from germany and have no us address. please contact me if you finished successfully.
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