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    I ordered a 16GB from, thought my order didn't go through, so I ended up ordering one from so now I will have an extra as soon as it's received.

    If anyone wants it, i'm selling it for as much as I bought it for with shipping and tax and i'm only doing local pick up. It cost me exactly $130.28 and i'm located in Seattle.
    Doug Kaplan
  2. Q
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    1 (pref. 32 GB) in Alexandria, VA, 22305. PM away!
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    I'm looking for any HP Touchpad...I live in Hawaii and will cover the extra cost. Would like to get two (one for dad)...Willing to pay a little more than the 100/150
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    Q, I might have one in silver spring, md (I ordered 2 to best buy in DC, dad picked them up today, he's keeping one, I might keep the other, depends if my amazon/onsale order goes through or not).
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    I am a desperate long time WeOS fan who missed every fire sale this weekend and am massively depressed. I would really like two 32GB (one for me and one for my wife) but will take anything.

    Please help
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    US/Pawtucket, Rhode Island
    1-16 GB TouchPad
    Pick up/ship
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    looking for a 32 California. Will pay shipping
    Conne>< Coding

    *In Rod we trust.*

    Yes, my user name says kid. Also, yes I'm 21. It's a long story.

    Devices: Touchpad, 32 GB
    Retired my pre for an Epic 4G Touch, Miss it dearly howerver.

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    I'm looking for one 16GB Touchpad for myself in Colorado.
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    Keen for two 16 or 32gb models in australia.

    Willing to pay shipping from anywhere in the world plus a bit over fire sale price.

    Let me know.

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    Looking for a 16GB, located in Campbell, California

    I am willing to pay extra for fees and shipping

    Thanks for having this thread,
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    Well, since BN canceled me, I am back.

    2x16GB is my desire.
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    Hi, I've been trying to get ONE touchpad all weekend with no luck. Either a 16GB or 32GB would be fine. It would be shipped to NC. Thanks.

    Edit: My local Best Buy just got some more in stock today and I was able to snag one up!
    Last edited by jay005; 08/24/2011 at 12:01 PM. Reason: Just picked up one from local Best Buy!
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    Hi, looking for either a 16gb or a 32gb TP. (B&N cancelled my order)

    Will be in NYC august 31 through september 6! (live in Sweden)

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    Looking for a touchpad in Seattle, willing to pay for shipping. Office Depot cancelled my order so I hope to find another (32gb or 16gb) for a good price! PM if you have one
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    Can you please get me a 16GB Black HP Touchpad? I live in Sydney, Australia. If you can sell it to me at $99 with free shipping, that would be good. PM me right away!
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    Got through to entering my address in Germany fire sale just to find out that they do not ship to Finland. Local HP representatives had a laugh, when I asked them where to get one here

    So... My wishlist would be 2 pieces of 32GB (or 16GB) Touchpads shipped to Finland. A SIM free Pre3 would be a wonderful bonus, if anybody has got them.

    I am prepared to pay as stated in the first post: The fire sale price with tax & shipping + little extra for your trouble.

    Edit (26.8.): Still interested getting one or two Touchpads. Both 32 and 16 models are ok. Also Pre3 still on shopping list.
    Last edited by juristi; 08/26/2011 at 01:57 AM. Reason: Indicating that still interested
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    Hi guys...

    I would love to get one 16 or 32 gb TP.

    Im from Czech republic

    Let me know how much would you like for it

    Sure willing to pay all costs with the shipping and some extra money...

    Thank you in advance
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    After trying to get one from a DE or UK online shop all day yesterday :

    I would love a 32Gb TP, but will settle for a 16GB one. Pre3 is on the wishlist, as well.
    Can collect in the Netherlands, North of Belgium, border Germany.
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    UK buyer looking for a 16gig or 32 gig
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    16 or 32GB version, can pay up to 2x firesaleprice for item+shipping.
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