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    I am from Slovakia, looking for a 32 GB TouchPad

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    Would like a 16G/32G in Malaysia.
    palmoanest AT gmail DOT com
    Thank you.
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    16 or 32

    <email removed, please use Private Message (PM) to contacts>

    thx in advance
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    My parents anniversary is coming up on September 15 and I would love to get a touchpad for them....16 or 32 don't matter. I am in Ontario

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    Looking for a 16gb or 32gb in Alabama.

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    Need a 32 to replace the one I returned at BB (before they were either selling/matching. . . Have been unsuccessful replacing it in the ensuing insanity . . . Painful for a webOS enthusiast to be without this device

    Scratch that. Scored a 32 on CDW, though I'll believe it when it's in my hands!
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    Hi, I'm searching for a 16gb or 32gb modell, it's very annoing to see that any of my temptet orders has been cancelled (hp an BN) so I hope to find somone willing to sell me one...obviously I will pay the shipping and a little extra ;-)

    I'm from Italy!!
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    Hello all. First time poster. Most of my time is spent in the Android forums due to installing custom ROMs on my phone. But, the $99 touchpad was too good a deal to pass up. I bought mine this morning on the Barnes and Noble website. It looks like they still have some more.
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    I've talked to my Media Markt rep, and there is no word at all that would indicate that HP is going to cut ANY prices on anything here in Germany: the good old "Europeans can pay double; if they don't want to, well, their decision" adage.

    If anybody would like to part with a TouchPad, regardless of gigabytes and the such, and wouldn't mind sending it to Germany, I'd be one happy camper.
    In fact, this here camper would be happy enough to return a favor - anything you'd like to have shipped from Bavaria? A can of Wei▀wurst and a few bottles of beer? Kein Problem.

    (I'm posting even though I'm 99% sure that nobody who ever looked at this thread actually wants to sell a TouchPad here and about 99,5% sure that everybody who bought multiple TouchPads in the firesale is currently hocking them on (american) Ebay for 200% profit)
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    please use PM make contact between parties.

    DO NOT post email addresses or personal information or they will be deleted.

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    Would like either 16 or 32, whatever is available. Cincinnati, OH. Also willing to pay for shipping and will pay extra if anyone has any available.

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    I am from Russia, looking for a 32 GB TouchPad

    Thanks in advance
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    Managed to find one. NVM.
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    Well, I'm looking for some Touchpad to Rio de Janeiro - Brazil!!

    If do you have, please PM me!!

    Best Regards...
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    I have obtained a 32GB for myself, paid a bit more than I wanted to but I think reasonable considering. I got it from someone locally who changed their mind about wanting it.

    Quote Originally Posted by prior to edit
    I would like a 16GB or 32GB and live in michigan and will accept pickup or delivery methods of obtaining one.
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    need 2 16 or 32gb in keene, nh OR Fall River, Boston MA
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    I want 2 TouchPads 16/32 for me and my brother. If possible additional 2 for my friends that very much love WebOS.

    Ship to my friend at Denver , Colorado, USA.

    Edit: still waiting for someone to sell..... anyone??

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    i am looking for 2 16gb touchpads, i'm in the US, and would be willing to pay $125 for each. would also be interested in a 32gb
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    I'm looking for a 16 or 32 GB Touchpad in Germany
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