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    Let's see if anyone gets refurb units on the 12/11/11 eBay sale. Hopefully we can get Touchpads to more people on this list!

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    HI! I am from Austria (in the near of Vienna) and need a 32Gb Touchpad bundled with charging dock and keyboard.
    Thanks a lot.
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    I'd like to buy a 32GB touchpad for the firesale price.
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    Looking for a touchpad in Cleveland, OH. 16 or 32 is fine with me. Let me know what you have.
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    Looking for a 16 or 32 in Boston area for my girlfriend for xmas. She really hooked me up good this year and I would like to do the same for her.
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    Looking to purchase one 16 or 32gb Touchpad from Dec. 11 Firesale. Georgia, USA

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    Looking to buy:

    1 x reasonably priced Touchstone Charging Dock for the Touchpad.. please!
    Used/SH is fine!

    Thanks 2!

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    looking for a 16 gig TP, doesn't have to be new, mint condition, don't need accessories, I live in Belgium.
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    Is this thread still active? Anybody still selling one?

    I'm looking for either 16 or 32, probably no accessories. I'm in Indiana.

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    Same here I'm looking for any 16 / 32

    Thank you.
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    I'm looking for a touchpad with 16 bg (32 preferred). I'm in Madrid.
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    Looking for touchpad in india
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    I received a HP TP 16GB for the holidays with a TouchStone, HP Branded Case and extra wall charger. I have no need for this tablet. The Tablet has been played with for the past week but otherwise is as good as new and is purely Pristine.

    The price for everything is $229 plus $12.50 for UPS ground shipping in the US only.

    Feel free to PM with any questions.

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    Looking for a Touchpad, at either the $99 or $150 price for 16 or 32gb versions. Would be willing to go up to $120 or so for a 16gb, but not more. Out in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
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    1. 32 gig Touchpad.
    2. Official Touchstone Charging Dock.
    3. Official Touchpad bluetooth keyboard.
    4. HP official folio case.

    All three with official packaging. All in excellent condition with exception of folio case which has warping along edge of rubber which is a common problem. Offers over 220 please. London based. Face to face meet or paypal. Postage extra. UK sale only. Face to face preferred.

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    oops sorry I think I posted in wrong thread.
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