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    If anyone snagged a $99 deal and are having buyer's remorse I'd love to buy the touchpad from you. I tried hard to get one with no luck at all. PM me and we can work out a deal. <mod edit>

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    lol i just bought 3 for 150 (each) good luck on trying to pry them off of peoples hands at that price...btw try pc richard they said there getting shipments still at the store i went to apparently they had quite a bit of stock
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    Is there anyone selling 16Gb for bout 130 bucks? I want one
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    someone want to sell cheap price Touchpad, please post here. As long as you take profit reasonably, I'll buy it.
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    I have one (16) I am looking to sell. More or less an impulse buy for me. I am a Best Buy employee and they let us buy them first before the general public so I just kinda got caught up in the pressure of everyone snatching them lol. I have played around with it for a few hours, nice device but I just have no real need.

    It has only been tinkered with for about three hours at most, otherwise is new out of the box with all the original documentation and what not. New in box they seem to be ebaying for $200+ so I will let this one go for $150 shipped. I live in America so that goes for shipping stateside, no idea what shipping cost are like overseas but I am sure it is not cheap. Message me back here or shoot me a PM if interested.

    And on a side note, Paypal is preferred for speed and ease of use.
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    Come on, it can't be this easy right. I camped out on my laptop for hours downloading Opera and pressing a refresh button.
    Just kidding carry on. Hope someones willing to sell.
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    As the title says, I have spare one, I am from India i have ordered two one in amazon & one in using US shipping address, I wanted to cancel from order just now (called CC, toldonline support is closed told to call back at 6 A.M),but couldn't as on the page it says i can't cancel any more. So, I want to sell it anywhere so reply me fast so that we can change the shipping address(if possible), PM me as soon as possible, will to give it at $150
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    Barnes and Noble right now! Go!

    Selling my Palm things: just make an offer:
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    Thanks Icer - I think I got one. At this point I'm not sure until I get the shipped notice. Note for others: so far it is only the 16 that has the sale price ($101). The 32 is still the regular price.

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