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    I have a Sprint Pre, in like-new condition with a clean ESN. It was my backup phone, and has only seen about a week or so of use, if that.

    The Pre already has Developer Mode turned on, Preware, Govnah and Uberkernel are installed. I have been getting conservative in my old age, running at 500/800 screen state. There are probably some other apps on there that I bought, that you are welcome to.

    Also, I am including:

    *2 charging cables (more if I can find them)

    *At least 3 batteries including 1 Mughen Power 1400mAh extended battery (more, if I can find them)

    *1 Touchstone with Touchstone back (there is a slight chip in the edge of one of the sides of the Touchstone back, where it meets the phone, but doesn't affect use and is not terribly noticeable unless you go looking for it.)

    * 2 leather cases. One Palm belt case in black, and one pocket slip case in red.

    ******************BEST OFFER TAKES THE LOT*******************

    Understanding that these are troubled times we live in, please check my eBay rating under Pelikan3, and my duration with this group, for trustworthiness.
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    interested in your sprint palm pre, I'm currently using a nexus s 4g on sprint but would like to take advantage of hooking the pre to my touchpad for calls. I would activate my old pre but its so beat up its not worth it.

    can you tell me what your asking price is around I don't want to lowball an offer to you.

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