Visor Prism / VisorPhone Mega Package for auction on eBay.


* Handspring Visor Prism PDA Handheld -- upgraded to 16 MB RAM !
* Handspring Visorphone GSM Phone Springboard Module (turns the Prism into a cell phone and mobile data device for email and web surfing)
* Targus Stowaway Full-Sized Keyboard for the Handspring Visor
* SnapNType Thumboard (works just like the Handspring Treo thumboard)
* MemPlug Compact Flash Adapter Springboard Module (for using Compact Flash CF memory cards for digital cameras, files or backup)
* EyeModule Digital Camera Springboard Module
* 2 (TWO!) Handspring Visor Prism USB Docking Cradles and Chargers (one for home and one for office!)
* Handspring Visor Prism Travel Charger
* Visor Prism Car Charger
* Handspring Visor Prism Blue Neoprene Sport Case
* Two Smoke (clear) protective faceplates and one Black faceplate
* Set of several extra stylii
* Handspring Visor Prism GameFace joystick gameplate for playing Palm OS arcade games

Everything is in great like-new condition and comes in the original boxes with all original docs and software. The Visor Prism itself comes with a 2-year replacement program warranty from Office Max which has about 18 months still on it. If anything goes wrong with the Prism, you can take it to Office Max and exchange it for a new one or put it towards any new PDA or handheld. I donít want to sell off individual items, so please donít ask

Auction ends 11/13/02. Starts at $349 or Buy It Now (outright) for $425. Shipping is $15.