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    I have a Pre and Pixie that are both for Sprint for sale. I would love to get a pixie plus and or a pre plus for exchange but will also sell outright. They are both in great condition and have no issues at all. They both have clean ESN's also and are ready to be activated on sprint. we actually moved to ATT and the iphone until hp can make something happen Anyways, email me if you would like pics or something.

    -Pre for sprint...$75 + shipping
    -Pixie for sprint...$50 + shipping


    Would also trade for a android phone for att or windows phone 7
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    i am interested on the Sprint Pre, do you still have it? where are you shipping from? have you done any Doctoring, O/C, Patches so on and so forth?

    please PM me right away if you still have the Pre.
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    could you do $50 shipped for the pixi?
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    Pixie is gone :/ still have pre

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    Quote Originally Posted by bakerman1 View Post
    Pixie is gone :/ still have pre

    would you do $65 for the Pre? Also, can you PM a pic of the Pre showing the screen condition? Thanks.
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    email sent

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