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    This is Karen with PDA Pros .

    We have finished our Treo Car Kit for the 180 and 270. This unit will mount on the windsheild and allow the Treo to be held in a molded sled. A car charger is part of the kit allowing you to view incoming information while charging your Treo in the car.

    Take a look and let us know what you think.

    By the way, we have one of the largest assortments of Treo Cases anywhere. Click on the
    Treo Section for information.
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    It seems very tedious having to perform several tasks when ever going in/out of the car.

    I would really prefer something which includes the Treo synch connector, reducing the need in looking for the lost cord and inserting it to the bottom of the Treo.

    the the power can come from any kind of source, using a standard power connector - for instance from an existing Hands-free set with similar voltage (see Ericsson 5.2V)

    I would really prefer something based on the Treo cradle, but with an additional top clip to hold the unit better during vibrations.

    The next issue is how to connect the earphone to an existing cellular hands free set - well, by providing wiring to unused treo pins (Of course each user will have to do the internal wiring... as HS did not consider that need, which is obvious to any cell phone developer)

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