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    I'll make this short. I need a Touchpad to develop on. I'd also like to take advantage of the "Early Adopter" $50 discount. So, I need to come up with the money sooner than I was expecting.

    The Pre2 is in flawless condition. It still has the factory screen cover on. Looking for $260.

    Really excited to start working with webOS 3.0!

    Every penny that I get from this sale goes into my Touchpad fund.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonas916 View Post
    Sold! Damn that was quick... lol
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    Nice to see you back garrett!
    Can wait for the apps to come!
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    dude....sold already....
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    Quote Originally Posted by kataran View Post
    dude....sold already....
    I've got one. Ill match his price.

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