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    I have an original CDMA Pre for the Sprint network in very good condition. It is missing the USB door and the typical crack has developed but it isn't moving across the screen. There are no other blemishes or scratches on the devices. The phone has its original packaging with all of the accessories including an extra standard battery and a Mugen 1400 mAh battery (<1 yr). Also there is a Touchstone with a backcover and a Incipio holster leather case.

    I'll let the whole lot go for $90 plus shipping. Just respond to this thread if you are interested.

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    Alright make that $80 now.
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    $80 shipped and its a deal
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    What you think I'm desperate? Okay, I just hope that it doesn't cost me for than $6 for shipping. PM me with your information so we can arrange things.
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    might be interested, need to get home from international vacation tomorrow and take mine apart to confirm that I need a new one. I'll be in touch if I do
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    have you sold it yet?

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