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    I need to buy a Verizon Palm Pre Plus and have it before July 7th because I am going to be switching to Verizon and plan to bet that dead line. I was going to get a Pixi Plus but decided it would be much better to take some one's off their hand for a few more bucks.

    I just want a Pre Plus that is is good shape. It doesn't have to be perfect. As long as there aren't any big cracks or deep scratches. The phone just needs to be is good condition, both hardware and software. The purpose for this is to last me until the Pre3 comes out. Don't shy away. If you have a Pre Plus that I might be interested in go ahead and post here and/or PM me. I guess my last prerequisite is that I get it a few days before the 7th so hurry up and tell me
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    Looks like I'm a few days late, but here it is anyway, just in case.
    It won't let me post the link but it is on eBay search item # 170663958578

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    It is a manufacturer refurbished & never been used. It comes with a touchstone, case that has opening for touchstone, car mount, original ear buds & original microfiber pouch.

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