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    As the subject of the message suggests, I am selling the 'Ultimate Prism Starter Package'. As that is truly for you to decide, an alternate title might be: "All of the Visor Stuff that I'm Selling'.

    Regardless of the title, please read away. All products are in absolute tip-top shape, many are brand-new. My preference would be to sell all, or at least many, of the products as a package deal. If that's not possible, I will most certainly be willing to discuss the sale of individual items.

    If interested, please PM or email me to discuss pricing options and other details. Thanks in advance for you time and take care.


    Visor Prism (excellent condition)
    Targus Stowaway Keyboard (excellent condition)
    Fellowes Keyboard (excellent condition)
    MemPlug SmartMedia (excellent condition)
    64 mb SmartMedia (excellent condition)
    OmniSky Minstrel Wireless Modem (excellent condition / never used)
    CardAccess Thinmodem / extra cable (excellent condition / minimal use)
    Targus HandCam (excellent condition / used once)
    2 Targus Total Recall Digital Voice Recorders (excellent condition / 1 brand-new)
    2 Visor Prism USB Cradles (excellent condition / never used)
    Prism GameFace Joystick w/full copy Astraware's Zap!2000 (excellent condition)
    2 Prism Travel Charges (excellent condition)
    Prism Car Charger (excellent condition / never used)
    Flex Modulecase (excellent condition / never used)
    Multiple Stylus (excellent condition / never used)
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    My apologies -- it's late and I made my email address a URL, rather than a linked email address.

    As such, please either PM me or email me at
    Hope to chat with some of you soon!
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    Hello --

    I found one more item. It's a cable that connects a Motorola 270C to a Handspring for internet services.

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    Man! Is there anything that I didn't buy?

    With that stated, I also have a 'battplug'...I think that's what it's called. You put regular batteries in it to charge you rechargeables when you're in a jam (a plane, a car, etc...).
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    How much do you want for the BattPlug?

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