This WAS a VZW Pixi Plus that I bought from eBay. I have removed the WiFi/SSD board from it and placed it in my Sprint Pixi. The Sprint's non-WiFi/SSD board has been put back into the VZW Pixi effectively making it a regular Pixi instead of a Pixi Plus. So this Pixi has no WiFi.

If you need a keyboard, screen or digitizer and think you can do the work to replace them, then maybe this is for you. Otherwise, there's probably not much use for it unless you just want a Pixi to play around with or use for dev testing and experimenting. It powers on and everything works, but you will not be able to activate this as a phone with any carrier, and again there is no WiFi.

The person I purchased it from on eBay said it had a bad ESN, because it was still attached to an account that is not in good standing.

The phone itself is in what I would call fair condition. The battery cover however is in bad condition, as someone has overstretched the right side, especially around the USB port. It was like this when I got it. It's the stock cover, not a TS cover. There are scratches on several parts of the faceplate, but nothing I would consider a major gash. The screen, keyboard and digitizer all seem to be in good working condition. Speaker, camera, backlights and flash seem fine too, if those interest you. It will come with the battery it came with, but I have no idea how worn it is.

Phone comes with the battery and battery cover but nothing else. No charger, no cables, no box, etc. Sold as is.

Anyway, make an offer if you want it. As long as it covers shipping and maybe gets me a few dollars for my time and effort, I'll probably accept it. Otherwise I guess I'll take it some place that can recycle cellphones.

BTW if you plan to disassemble it you'll need a Torx T5 driver.