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    First off I have a Sprint Pre- That I made a insurance claim on, The phone is in pristine condition like brand new right out of the box condition. No scratches or anything I have a mirrored screen protector and a rocketfish clip-on case with holster included. I am asking $50 o.b.o for that one. I also have 2 Pre+'s for sale. Both of these phones have the comm's boards removed cause I used them for FrankenPre+'s. They are both in overall good shape they both have mirrored screen protectors one of them has a rocketfish clip-on case and the other one has a red rubberized clip-on case on it. One of the Pre+'s has the sprint slider unit installed on it. So the mirrored back on it says Sprint not Verizon and it has the orange keyboard on it. I am asking only $25 o.b.o a piece for these. All the phones' are in 100% perfect working order. Oh and I have one more Pre- Poor condition but everything works good on it, Good for parts for someone or a good donor phone to make a FrankenPre out of. Use it instead of your current Pre and keep yours as a back up. I'll let that one go for $10. Please e-mail me with any questions or offers as they are sent right to my phone and you'll get a quicker response that way thank you for looking.
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    Sprint Palm Pre+ WebOS 2.1 W/ Flash. OC'D 500/1.1ghz.
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    Does the Sprint slider Pre+ have the button on the front of the Toucharea thing?
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    I live in Ypsilanti, and if I can come pick up the pre - tomorrow i will take it.
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    Jakeeee It's a Pre+ with a Pre- slider on it it has the touch are no button.

    Jthomp26 If you want the Pre- it's yours it would be easier for me to ship to you but if you want to come pick it up that is okay. Just so you know I am disabled it won't affect the transaction but don't want you to be surprised.
    Sprint Palm Pre+ WebOS 2.1 W/ Flash. OC'D 500/1.1ghz.
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    Refurb Sprint Pre- SOLD
    Sprint Palm Pre+ WebOS 2.1 W/ Flash. OC'D 500/1.1ghz.
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    Hey, if I decide to buy the 10$ one, how are you going to ship it and how is the payment going to happen?
    PS: Could you PM me your e-mail, so we can talk about the offer and details privately, please? Thanks
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    The $10 pre still available? Needing some parts. Thanks
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    do you still have the pre +'s. i have an at&t one that has a bad screen/gesture area now. I could use one of the pre +'s to replace the screen.
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    Do you still have a Pre + for sale?

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