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    I'm interested in purchasing a back bezel and comms board assembly for an AT&T palm pre plus. It's the thing on the left in the below picture. Typically, this would come from someone who's made a sprint franken pre from an AT&T PrePlus or an AT&T Pre2. I need them both together as the antenna design for AT&T's GSM network is different from the antenna for CDMA networks.

    Source: Sprint Pre 2 - WebOS Internals

    Anyone? If so, what price?

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    I'll send mine from a new AT&T Pre 2 for $50 shipped. Send me a PM if you want it, with a phone number or email address so we can work out the details.
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    Tony no longer has his for sale. Anyone else?
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    I'll have one next week from an unlocked pre 2 I just purchased. I'll check on shipping when I get the phone. I'll be Sprintifying it same day. It should be here Friday.
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    Excellent! Send me a PM when you have more info. Tx.
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    Will do
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    If I can trouble you to extract the tokens for that comm board before you sprintify them into oblivion, I'd really appreciate that. You can get this app from Preware.
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    @jonas916 is the man! Back bezel & gsm comms board received.
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