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    I am considering selling my Verizon Palm Pre Plus, but what is going to be the deciding factor is how much I can get for it and if it is enough to help pay for an Android Phone (I know, I know...let me hear it). The phone is a replacement and is about 2 months old with a few scratches on the back cover and a few small scratches on the screen (not noticeable when screen is on). Also included is the original box, pouch, instructions, charge adapter, usb cable, OEM 1100 mah pre battery, Mugen 1400 mah battery, Touchstone, and possibly 1 screen protector if I can find it. The phone is currently running 2.1.0 using webOS internals method for getting it on the phone ( I can ship the phone with 2.1.0 on it or go back to 1.4.5, that is the decision of the buyer.

    For now I am just entertaining offers to see if I would be able to get enough money. I would also consider a trade. Looking for a HTC Droid Incredible.
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    Nobody??? Well someone at least give me an idea of what I could ask for this on ebay.
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    Is that an offer or what you think I could get for it on ebay? I was really hoping for a little more.

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