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    anyone have extra pre plus verizon comm board's that have a clean esn? pm i would like to get one
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    i need a verizon comm board with a clean esn!! anyone im willing to pay!
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    Contact GuyFromNam I'm pretty sure he has one.
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    Anyone else have one of these? I need one, if the price is right.
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    I've got one. PM me!
    FrankenPre+ on Sprint SERO 500 Premium
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    FREE plus shipping

    Two Verizon commboards with shorter cable casings included.
    One has been checked by a US forum member and found clean.
    The other one I don't know. I forgot to write down the MEID, and I'm not putting it back together.

    I'm in Europe so shipping (registered letter) is USD 25. I'll be shipping them to the same address, so you're getting both.

    If you want me to ship this as a registered package with T&T, costs are 25 ($35).
    I have no problem with tossing these in the trash either

    PM if you're interested.
    I think I may take you up on this. But, what I am trying to do is put one of these in a Sprint pre to make it work on Verizon (yeah, don't ask). Will that work ok and will I loose my files on the Sprint pre? In other words, does the comm board contain the flash memory? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eggroks View Post
    i need a verizon comm board with a clean esn!! anyone im willing to pay!
    I have a clean verizon comm board. Pm me
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    The ram and harddisk part is on the logic board which is attached to the screen.
    But you'll probably need to doctor using the right tokens, so I'll put the second one together again to export the tokens.
    In that case, i'll definitely take them.

    So, do you mean you are going to get me the tokens so I don't have to doctor?? Or what?

    Thanks a lot
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Sorry, maybe you need to read the procedure a few times first.
    You need to doctor using the tokens. Then again, I'm not a CDMA user and I'm no expert.

    Tokens (Full and Commboard) extracted for both commboards.
    1 ESN is clean.
    The other is being checked (if possible).
    Ok, I get it now. Its gonna be a fun experience reversing the "pre plus on sprint" guide to a "pre minus on verizon" guide

    Thank you very much, by the way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    I have no idea if it's at all possible. Just know I can only ship you the boards with the cases and tokens. I have no know-how in this field whatsoever.
    Don't know what kind of profile you'll end up with and if you'll even have access to paid apps and such. It's pretty much an AS IS deal.
    I understand. Thats fine. At this point, its kind of a for-fun, just to see if I can do it, kind of a deal. If it doesn't work or I screw up, I'll see how cheap I can grab a verizon pre plus from ebay for.

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