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    anybody interested in 2 samsung moments, ipod touch 8gb, a sprint palm pre, and a htc touchpro (windows mobile 6.5) and a hp laptop with a broken motherboard? (Dv9000) for a Verizon Pre 2? I need a verizon pre 2 because I'm making the switch but dont want to get locked in a contract so let me know if anyone is interested.
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    I'm a little confused....are you offering all of that to trade for a Pre2??
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    yea. All that for a verizon pre 2.. Sorry I had an extra word in there that made it confusing.
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    I have a 3 day old Pre 2 I will give you, check your private messages!
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    I am also looking for a Pre 2. I have 3 Sony PSPs with tons of games I will trade for a Pre 2 in excellent condition. Even better if it is a frankenpre on Sprint! If interested please email me at

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