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    I am looking to buy Palm Pre.

    -In working condition
    -Cosmetic is no problem at all. Scratches are acceptable
    -Must be cheap
    -No accessory needed. Even the battery
    -GSM1800 = Sim card

    I can accept speaker problems too. Just looking for a cheap Palm Pre.

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    I live in Turkiye but I have a residence in Florida too. cheap=1-50$

    A commboard may do the work. I have a working CDMA Palm pre lying around here for parts. No CDMA in my country so I can swap the commboard may be?
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    I check to see now and the cables are short but I can fix this but it seems it is the best to buy Palm pre not a commboard.

    So I am still looking for a cheap Palm Pre.
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    I just bought a Palm Pre from ebay at 5$ plus 9 usd shipping. They have more.
    Palm Pre (Sprint)!!! - eBay (item 150568837705 end time Feb-28-11 09:38:55 PST)

    I'm not looking for a perfect Palm Pre.
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    May be I should be looking for Pixi. I am gonna use this device in the car as gps tracking and wifi router device.
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    If all you need it for is the board, I have a GSM Pre+ that I could do for that amount. The screen is cracked and the touchscreen's lower third (to half) does not work. (you can read the sad story here if you want more details. Even the top half seems to be deterioration. But if you want it for the board that is there and intact.

    Right now it only serves to charge a battery for me.
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    Well he said he had a house in florida too....
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Nah, he just bought a CDMA cheap on ebay and is afraid to admit he bought the wrong phone

    Yes you are right but I am gonna use it for parts. The phone im using having front and back speaker problems. GuyfromNam I will pay 60$. Sell it to me =)

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