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    I have a Palm Pre2 that I purchased and converted to sprint. I have decided to part ways with HP for now so I am selling the phone. The phone is amazing it literally will make you forget all of the issues with your original pre.

    Included will be...

    Converted Sprint Pre2 (sprint Nav and Sprint TV installed and working)
    Original Sprint Pre with GSM board installed
    moddified touchstone back with a macro lens installed
    (sorry no picture because it is not with me, but pictures of it in use are here)
    Two Chargers with cables
    one no name car charger (works for the phones, but not touchstones)
    4 batteries total. Two that hold about 60-70% of their original capacity and two that are brand new (within the last 3 months)
    Two original unopened headphone sets that came with the phones.

    I will also offer any support needed to get your new phone activated and running.

    I am asking $425 OBO (I am open to offers just don't low ball me) shipped for everything.

    I have 6 touchstones that are floating around I am thinking about modding my next phone to use them but I am willing to work a touchstone into the deal if needed.

    The Phone


    Powered On (yes I know my weather icon is not updated)

    As you can see no scratches or anything

    The original Pre, yes it has some light scratches but nothing deep.


    No Macro Lens

    With Macro Lens (I will try to get a picture of the back plate but it looks great, it is just missing the silver ring to accommodate the lens. If you were not told it was modified then you probably would not notice.)

    Again without (This is attempting to get the best focus I could)

    And with the custom back
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    what software are you running? One more question is how do I activate on sprint?
    I'm interested if this is still avaliable.
    - Skinneejay -
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    Are there any problems when you converted to the Sprint Network? Why do you have so many batteries? Does the phone run out of batteries quickly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by thomaszmark View Post
    Are there any problems when you converted to the Sprint Network? Why do you have so many batteries? Does the phone run out of batteries quickly?
    I had no problems converting to sprint. I have extra batteries because I replaced mine and my wife's phones batteries and palm replaced one that was acting funny and I got the new one in the pre 2. Battery life is really good.

    There is a sale pending FYI.

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    if still for sale please email me at
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    There have been issues when trying to activate a Sprint Pre 2 on an account other than the original Pre that was used in the conversion. Are you using a process that alleviates this problem?
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    +1 on the above post. I tried activating a Sprint Pre 2 and as far as I know it can't be done. We got the phone to work but no data. I ended up buying a Pre 2 and using my own activated comm board in it and it works fine.
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    Is this still for sale? Does it work on Sprint? I am very interested

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