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    I want to buy a Pre 2 for Verizon wireless with clean ESN at a fair price. So if you have one send me a PM! Thanks

    I'm located in Pennsylvania.
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    If you are willing to do it on contract, there is a vzw dealer in the marketplace forum that will provide it to you at no cost, btw.
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    I already have a contact with them. That's why I need to get it off contract. Thanks for your response!
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    Keep checkin the marketplace forum in here. They are offered for sale every so often.
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    Pm'd you
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    To the person that sent me a PM that is selling his pre 2 for $250 please reply ASAP i'm very interested in your offer! Thanks
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    If you're still looking and didn't have luck with the other offer, I'm selling my Verizon Pre 2 for $310 plus shipping. Like new, packaging and everything it comes with included..

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