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    Be careful if you are going to pick up a Pre2 or Pre plus for surgery. I only looked through a hand full, but all the "good" deals are at best scams to get your attention. The Pre2 I mentioned in the title has a $400.00 dollar shipping fee hidden, and there was a Pre Plus with a $100.00 shipping fee as well. I do not peruse E-bay often so I am sure this is a common trick to get people to look at their products, but that does not make it any less scummy.

    PS. $450.00 for a Pre2 is not a horrible price its just how they went about it.
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    $450 for a pre2 when pre3 is coming in June is a very horrible price i will give $50
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    Not a good deal at 450, 350 but maybe 250.

    Fortunately I am up for renewal in August so I am guessing I can pick up a Pre 3 for 200 or less (with a contract)
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    They could have made the shipping $900 if it was truly a scam. More just a cry for attention.
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    I believe it's actually a scam to screw E-Bay. E-Bay charges a percentage of the sale price but does not collect anything from the shipping charges, so the seller pays less to E-Bay but still gets the full price for the sale item.

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    If you look through eBay you will find this happens on most stuff. It's up to a member to do a bit of research before purchasing and decide if the deal is good to them. A lot of the stuff I search for on that site is horribly priced, or has some ridiculous shipping charge. It's not a new thing on that site... it just happens to be on a webOS device.
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    All the cheap Pre2s on ebay are scams. I ordered one that was under $200 and it was a scam, luckily I got my money back through a long process.

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