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    Beiks is proud to announce that its game Literati, has just been reviewed by the hot game ezine PDArcade ( and received the maximum rating of five stars!

    Here is a quote from the review:
    "Literati is an awesome word game for one player. The graphics in Literati are clearly better than those of other similar games, and the light green adds a nice touch. The gameplay is outstanding and extremely addicting for anyone who likes word games. The list of words is quite comprehensive and .... Literati will run on all color and greyscale devices with Palm OS 3.5 or higher, including the Clies, but not Handera models. Literati is an awesome game, definitely worth the price."

    The whole review is available here:

    Thousands of people have already enjoyed this game. We hope you will try Literati and enjoy it just the same!

    Beiks, LLC team
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    Heck, I just bought the Tiger Woods golf module on eBay for $5. How can you beat that?

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