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    I'm looking for a Palm Pre Lcd/Digitizer Unit with the front cover, You know the whole sha-bang so to speak. If anyone has one that is in decent condition at a farelly decent price i'd love to try to work something out with you. I can buy it or give ya some money and a blackberry curve 8330 (lol I know nobodys wants a bb here just thought i'd put it in for a good laugh). Let me know if anyone has one thanks everyone. I'm in michigan as well. Thanks again.

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    I think you're better off buying a used one. The screen is pretty much the most expensive part of the phone.
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    Yeah I know there expensive. But to get one where the plastice screen is in decent condition your paying about the same as to buy a new one so I figured i'd put a feeler out on here if i don't get any hits i'll order a new one I foudn them for 50 bucks shipped.

    I got a screen so thanks for anyone who did look at this and was going to help or anything at all, I love this site so many great people to talk to and share storys and knowledge with.
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