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    Im selling my Sprint Pre Plus (VZ version) updated to Webos 2.1, with Flash, Sprint Nav, and Amazon loaded on it. It is in very good shape (I baby my phones) with minor knicks here and there. It comes with the following:

    -original sprint box with instructions
    -car charger
    -wall charger
    -new htc headphones (not used)
    -Bluetooth headset
    -Touchstone charger
    -snap on case
    -snap on case with belt clip
    -side leather case
    -Seido extended battery 1400

    Im selling it for 180 or any reasonable offer VIA Paypal, free usps priotity 2nd day shipping. I also have it posted on Ebay too, please try to PM me as well as respond to this post if interested thanks for looking.
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    I'd love to take this off your hands. Pretty good shape?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cujoq37 View Post
    I'd love to take this off your hands. Pretty good shape?
    def very good shape if it has a knick here and there its very unoticable. If you have a reasonable offer I will ship to you today via USPS.
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    sold thank you
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    Holy crap that was fast. I was just about to post. I want
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