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    Was going to eventually attempt the Sprint Pre Plus conversion but never got around to it. The phone is in very good shape. Touchstone back has some wear.

    Included: Phone, charger, and usb cable for the charger.

    Looking to get $60 shipped. Thanks for looking.
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    What version of WebOS does it have on it now?
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    I am not sure since the person I got it from had already erased their user data. It is stuck at the profile screen unless there is a way to check the version there? But if you are going to do a Sprint Pre Plus conversion the phone will get doctored to 1.4.5 anyways. Or if you want to use it as a Verizon phone you can just do an OTA update or doctor it to the latest as well.
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    I'm tempted to jump on this. Hmmm.
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    Still available?
    - Skinneejay -
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    Sorry I forgot to update this thread. It sold via craigslist Wednesday night.

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