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    UPDATE: Device has been sold. Thank you for your interest, and I am very sorry if you wanted this device. Thanks for all the help and concern! Glad that went very smoothly.

    Hi, I have an unlocked gsm palm pre 2 that is barely used. No scratches or marks, used for maybe a week at most. Hate to admit it, but i was dumb and found out after obtaining it that it didnt work on Sprint. Anyways, I still have the charger (usb cable and adapter), headphones, original box, and of course, the device itself. I am selling it for $200, which i think is reasonable after looking around at some prices. Email me if you are interested at
    I wanted to see if anyone on precentral forums was interested before putting it on ebay because I like it here. lol

    I will try to get pictures up here soon

    Update: Here is a link to a video that shows the condition of the device. As you will see, its pretty much brand new.

    P.S. I dont know if this violates any forum rules or not, i scanned over the rules and didnt think I saw anything against this, but sorry if i did
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    Your fine,
    I just need to move this thread to MarketPlace.
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    These guys will help you convert it to a sprint device:

    New Device Services Now Available to All | WebOS World
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    I saw that and considered it, but I am actually pretty happy with my sprint pre minus with all the patches.
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    im intersted ...if u ship to india
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    glad to see you are interested. Thanks for emailing me
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    I'm interested - email sent. I'm in Miami, FL.
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    Hey, i got and replied to your email. Thanks for the email! respond asap please!
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    Quote Originally Posted by adityasarath View Post
    im intersted ...if u ship to india
    No 3G in India with this model. You need the European model.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guggenheim View Post
    this wouldn't be from the developer device program would it? If so... I'm not sure about the rules on this, but you probably shouldn't sell it.
    No, I dont have any software skills to make anything to qualify as a developer. haha wish I was though! I did however receive this device for free by trading my extra sprint pre for it. Maybe the person I traded with was a developer? I dont know.

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