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    I'm leaving SprintPCS after 12 years of uninterupted service (was one of their first customers), but I'd like to stay with the Pre-series. I thought I saw in the marketplace yesterday someone looking to swap a GSM Pre for a CDMA Pre, but now I can't find that post. So, if anyone is wanting a CDMA Pre, and already has a GSM Pre, then please respond and/or PM me. I think I'm going to give T-Mobile a try. At least I won't be beholden to Sprint any longer if I have a SIM card based phone.

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    Ok, if no one is interested in a trade, then I'm interested in buying a GSM Pre 2. PM me if you have one you're trying to sell.
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    I have an unlocked GSM Pre+, let me know if you're interested. Great condition.
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    If I were you and you want to stay on Sprint if they have a new Pre, I would wait a few weeks, until mid April to see if Sprint announces a new Pre device. Doesn't make sense for Sprint to not carry the new devices and doesn't make sense also for HP to exclude Sprint.
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    I will not have a problem if the Pre 3 goes to ATT instead of Sprint. I'm tired of the old CDMA technology that slowly dying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaDueler View Post
    I have an unlocked GSM Pre+, let me know if you're interested. Great condition.
    Can someone tell me diff between my existing Sprint Pre, this Pre+, and a Pre 2.

    Also, Dadueler, please PM me with your asking price. Thx.
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    Asking $160 shipped but including: Brand New (Never Used) accessories:
    Palm Touchstone Dock, Palm USB Wall Charger, Palm USB Cable, Verizon Car Charger, Carrying clip case, Palm Headphones with Microphone, Palm Battery. All these accessories are literally brand new and have never even been plugged in! They are all factory sealed except the battery.

    I could do $130 without the accessories, shipped within the US.

    Sorry I can't do better, I'm a student and really strapped...The phone is in great condition and easily worth the asking price, though.

    I also have experience installing WebOS 2.1.0 and while it's illegal to distribute the meta-doctor, I can walk you through it and prepare all the files if you would like. My guess is that you're probably experienced enough to do it anyway... I would highly recommend the upgrade.

    The phone has some VERY minor dings on a couple corners, not really noticeable, screen looks fantastic, no noticeable scratches. Was used only for about 2 months, and was never overclocked. It is missing the usb port cover but those things really only get in the way.

    Compared to the Pre+, the Pre2:
    is $449 for the GSM version, not really worth it with the Pre3 coming out "soon"
    has a 1Ghz processor, although I overclock my own Pre Plus (on Sprint) to 1Ghz and it runs smooth as silk!
    Has the same amount of RAM as the Pre+ (and Pre3), which is probably the most important feature of WebOS hardware.
    Has Gorilla Glass screen which is certainly nice, but hardly a necessity if you're an adult.

    Main difference between the Sprint Pre and Pre+ is that the Pre+ has:
    twice the storage (16GB vs 8GB)
    twice the RAM (512mb vs 256mb), makes a HUGE difference in multitasking! (youtube videos show the stock Sprint Pre running 12-15 apps with no problem, but ~50 on the stock Pre+!)
    Lacks the button in the gesture area of the Sprint Palm Pre
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    Ugh, I was all set to go to TMobile, although I'd been investigating MetroPCS, but now that they are being acquired by AT&T, I've got to rethink my move.

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