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    I have a new Pre2 arriving this week and have an extra BRAND NEW (never used / never activated) Pre2 for sale.

    Device has never been activated or used. Package opened only to take pictures and place TS back on the device.

    Price = $350 + shipping ($100 cheaper than HP!)

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    I have a nexus s I will trade. Let me know. Email me.
    Pittphan at gmail
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    Thanks, but not interested in any type of trade at all.
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    will this phone(assuming usa version) work in India?, I mean for using 3G internet,app catalog & so on?.
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    Hi st_7,

    You can read up on the answer to your question in the following thread:

    It will work great - but you won't get 3G data (EDGE/GPRS only)
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    OK I'll buy for $350 shipped. PM or email me at pittphan at gmail.
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    If you want it, it's $350 plus shipping. (I already came down from $380)
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    <link fixed>

    This is still available here before going on eBay.
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    hi also from india....if u can ship to interested to buy ur pordust .....:-)
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    im sorry *product
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    Here are the network specs for those who asked:

    Dual-band UMTS/HSDPA (850/1900 MHz)Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
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    Still available
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    Interested. sending PM to make arrangements.
    Palm Pilot -> IBM WorkPad -> Handspring Visor -> Palm VIIx -> Palm T|X -> Palm Pre -> US GSM Palm Pre 2 [shelved] and 16GB HP TouchPad [died] -> (Samsung GNex and 32GB HP Touchpad with CM9)
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    Still available folks
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    care to activate the unit for me?
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    Device has been sold - thank you!

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