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    First of all, yes, I'm a new registered member, but I have been reading on these forums off and on for the past few years. I recently acquired a broken Palm Pre for dirt cheap and got it working again, activated, and is now my new primary phone. Here's the auction link where I got the Palm Pre:
    Palm Pre BROKEN (Sprint) - FOR PARTS!!! | eBay

    I'm in search of replacement parts to get my phone working 100% again, and possibly more spare parts so I can work on making a Franken-Pre+ or Pre2 for Sprint.

    Most of us have seen this shop and their "minimum" order quantity:
    iPhone Parts|Smart Phone Parts|PDA Parts| Data Capture Parts|Cell Phone Parts|GlobalDirectParts

    I'm going to get together a group buy so we can get all the parts we want and need.

    Am I reputable and to be trusted? I can't convince you over the internet, but here are a few feedback profiles of me.
    AtomicFire |
    eBay My World - atomicfire001

    Here is my personal website. My previous phone was a Touch Pro 2, and I got fed up with Windows Mobile:

    Here's how i'll make this work. I'll get requests for everyone that wants parts, and i'll add them below. After a few days i'll announce the final shipped cost for each part, and i'll collect deposits from everyone that wants to go through. I get the parts, collect final payment, and i'll ship them to you.

    *Parts currently for sale!

    Master Price List!:
    All prices are shipped!
    $10 each - Rear speaker

    *Parts requests!

    Here are the parts i'm going to order. Make your posts state clearly what you want so I can get as much as a volume discount as possible!

    Total quantities so far (current / minimum)
    (1/2) Front housing
    (1/5) USB port cover
    (7/5) Rear speaker
    pengc99 needs:
    Front housing
    USB port cover
    Rear speaker
    swenk needs:
    Power button
    Rear speaker
    Greg Mair needs:
    5x Rear speaker
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    I need a power button, and I guess it would be the rear speaker. I cant hear ringtones or listen to music anymore so i am guessing that speaker is blown.
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    I'll take 5 rear speakers just cause I know I'll keep blowing them.
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    Looks like my first post disappeared, not sure what happened there. Swenk, they don't sell just power buttons, they only sell the complete middle plate assembly at $20.99, minimum order qty 2.
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    first shipment of speakers came in, those interested were PM'd

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