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    Brand new unlocked Pre 2 for $300, $100 off retail price. I'm on Verizon so it's no use to me.
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    Ursula, can you use it as a developer device?
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    You could CDMA it...

    Or get $300.
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    how did you get it if you aren't on GSM?
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    I went into the developer program. (Yes, it's the developer device they sent me for free.) I got the ok from my HP representative since she promised me a CDMA device but I ended up getting a GSM device.
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    How to you "CDMA" a GSM Pre 2?
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    put the radio from a verizon Pre+ in it. Pastorrich1 has it down to a science!
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    Ask her if you can give it back to her and get a verizon pre 2.
    If not, you'll need to get a CDMA Pre (or use your own if you have) and have someone help you transplant the electronics into your Pre2 to turn it into a CDMA device. will do it for you for a fee (they are vouched for by webosinternals.)
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    I have a CDMA Pre Plus. She sent me the GSM BECAUSE they weren't aloud to give out Verizon Pre 2s even though she promised ahead of time.
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    I doubt they would be happy that you are trying to sell it. But as suggested, you could put in your pre+ radio and have a rocking phone. Or you could contact palm and ask them to send you the right phone. Some devs have reported getting cdma phones.
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    Please read my post lol. I got the ok from my HP/Palm representative.
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    trade offer.
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    Do you ship internationally (Brasil)? Do you have paypal? What r the 3G frequencies of your pre?
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    Hi, John...

    Continua na mesma situação do outro tópico: só funcionará em Edge no Brasil, já que a Ursula diz que usa Verizon; ou seja, EUA com AT&T.

    Continue in the same situation that other trhead: only work with Edge in Brazil, because the Ursula said that use Verizon; in other words, USA with AT&T.

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    Valeu rnp,

    To tentando arrumar um pre mas tá difícil achar alguém que mande para o Br :/
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    ursula, are you a developer?

    Edit: didn't think so.
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    I'll take it for $300. email me at pittphan at gmail

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