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    Selling Verizon PrePlus $79
    Original box with paperwork
    Clean ESN, can be used off contract on Verizon
    Priority shipping US-additional $10.99

    In good condition with normal wear and tear (see picture), previous owner used it somewhat for texts, emails and made about 285 calls on it (he did not buy apps or know how to erase his profile before offering on ebay as a "like new" device which was a bit of an exaggeration as it has some scuff marks on sides)

    I bought it 2 weeks ago as a testing device before putting 2.1 on my main device and my friend's main device. I am selling it at cost on precentral. I did not activate it on a carrier but verified ESN is clean. I believe it can also be activated on PagePlus.

    I am fine to restore back to 1.45 or keep 2.1 on it.

    Will ship as soon as I receive payment via Paypal.
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    I am interested in it, if it's still available.
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    sent you a private message.
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    Is This phone still available? I'm very interested in buying. Thanks.

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