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    I want to buy a memory expansion device for my son's Visor (the 2MB version)

    Matchbook Drive, FlashAdaptor, MemPlug (CF or SM), or any flash memory unit. If it ses a card, I would be interested in the card as well.

    I want to keep the price as low as possible, but I cannot seem to snag one from any of our local stores clearance bins! If you stocked up on one of these, or want to upgrade, here is your chance to get rid of it!
    Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at!
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    Search in Ebay under springboard module or Handspring module.
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    If your still looking for a memory card. I have one that I would sell reasonably, with a CF card if you want it. email me at
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    I am selling my visor deluxe because the address book button is not working anymore and I just bought a T2. everything else is working just fine on the visor. it comes with the minijam MP3 module, eyemodule 2 camera, USB hotsync cradle which lights up due to some internal LED's which I installed myself, full charge internal NiMH battery and 12v car charger system that lets you use a rechargeable battery in the visor and charge it without removing it from the visor, plastic face plate cover, leather case, 8 meg flash flash module, backup module, gameboy cartridge holders which can hold springboard modules to protect them, 2 extra stylus, and 2 pencap stylus. I am asking $250 for the whole package. go ahead and make a reasonable offer on the whole package or just one of the items if you like.

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