Phone is in very good condition, save for two or three tiny divots on the screen from the previous owner. In my possession, the phone has been very well taken care of and actually improved. I can't describe the extremes of the love/hate relationship with this phone, but I've gone crawling back to a Storm 2 until the Pre3 comes out.

I have disassembled this phone once to address what felt like a misaligned keyboard. It was mushy and lacked any positive feedback and feel. The keyboard has a much better feel afterwards, but still suffers from missed input on the "i" key (about 65% of the time). I'm an impatient, fast typer, so every time it happens I curse the day the phone was made. But aside from that it's good. My reassembly from that instance also seemed to significantly improve the slider action: making it more uniform, firm, and less oreo-ie when closed. The downside to this procedure was a bit of isolating foam got caught between the contacts on the headphone jack, causing the left channel not to work. Disassembly at work later that week proved to correct the lack of left channel, but resulted in a screw disappearing. All of this to explain that it's missing a screw.
The last paragraph is probably the closest thing to a "Phonefax" you'll ever get!

Comes with the original box and all accessories (extra battery, usb cable, charging block, manuals, suede slip/case). Except for headphones, as I've used them and got my ear boogers all up ins. Priority USPS shipping included in purchases price! Wowie Zowie, the deals!

I'd have pictures up, but I haven't posted much (at all) in this forum, despite having the account for a year or more. Images can be made available...somehow. Just ask. Also, to address the lack of activity on this forum, I am a very active eBay member. ID: green91shoplus. I'd just sell it on there, but eBay thinks it's cool to shaft it's members during fraudulent international transactions simply because "the buyer is always right." So I'm deciding if I should move my $22k+ a year business elsewhere.

Huge post, I'm sorry. Actually, I'm not.