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    Hi all,

    I jumped on the opportunity to buy a VZW Pixi Plus b/c I wanted to explore WebOS. Now that it has arrived (I haven't opened it), I realized I should have just sought to buy a used GSM Pre or Pixi, as I am on AT&T. Therefore, if you have a GSM Pre or Pixi in decent condition and are interested in a new, unused Pixi on Verizon (still in sealed box), let me know.

    Worse case scenario is that I use it as I thought I would-- to explore WebOS. It just seems a better approach to do it on AT&T if possible so that I can also use it as a phone from time to time.
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    What are you asking for?
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    Put it on PagePlus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jg123 View Post
    Put it on PagePlus.
    +1 Cheap and easy to do.
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    Thanks for the responses. I'm primarily looking to trade it for a GSM Pre or GSM Pixi (rather than sell it).

    Otherwise I will, as the others suggested, activate it on PagePlus.

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