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    SOLD! Thanks everyone

    I'm switching to a new carrier so I'm ready to part with my Sprint Palm Pre and all the accessories I've collected while I've had it. Sprint just replaced my original Pre with a new unit in early February so I figured now was a good time to sell as it's in Mint condition. As you can see in the photos it comes with just about every accessory you'll ever need.

    I'm including extra Mugen extended life 1400mAh battery, 2 touchstones, extra touchstone back, Palm branded leather holster, two Seidio holsters (one for a naked Pre). Also includes original charging brick, boxes and manuals.

    $100 shipped paid via paypal. Price is firm.

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    First sale fell through-it is available again.

    Send me a PM if interested.
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    if still open let me know. thanks
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    It's still available. Original buyer fell through.
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    I'm interested as well.
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    I'd be interested. Let me know.
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    PM me if interested.
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    PM Sent I am in Texas
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    Sale pending. Thanks for the interest everyone. I got slammed with messages all at once and didn't realize I wasn't receiving PM notifications via email so I apologize for not updating the post.

    I've sent out messages to everyone and will try to go down the list in order of receipt to allow each person an opportunity to make payment. Too bad I didn't set this up as an auction

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